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Yorkie Puppies For Sale in Indiana

Cute Yorkie Puppies in a BasketWhile their adorable appearance and classification as a toy breed may throw you off, Yorkies were originally bred as rodent hunters (ratters). This keen instinct makes this dog breed as feisty as they are fun. Yorkshire terriers love playing almost as much as they love cuddles. This little dog breed has been around for over 200 years. Originally bred in the north of England, they made their way over to the US in the late 1800s. They’ve been one of the nation’s favorite companions ever since.

These glamorous bundles of personality are the epitome of small but mighty. Your Teacup Yorkie or Toy Yorkie will become your most loyal family member, providing you with comfort and adoration in equal measure. Their miniature size makes them ideal for apartment living, and they love to come along wherever you go, but if you’re looking for Teacup Yorkies or Toy puppies for sale there are a few things you might want to know…

What to Know About Yorkies


This breed of dog is full of energy and happy to play inside your loving home or out. If you live in an apartment, make sure you allow time for exercise every day. They don’t like extreme heat or extreme cold, so many owners opt for keeping them indoors during months when weather conditions aren’t ideal. Those who have a backyard can give them all the exercise they need without having to take them for a walk, but never leave your little one unattended.

Yorkshire terriers love playing with squeaky toys and playing fetch. Their thirst for adventure will make sure you’re always hitting your fitness targets.


These mischievous little dogs are quite receptive to training. They especially love to show off and please their owners, as well as working for rewards. Learning tricks, tackling obedience trials and showcasing their agility skills are all strengths of theirs. One of the only areas they struggle with, like most dog breeds, is housebreaking.

Don’t fall into the trap of letting them get away with it because their mess is small and easy to clean up. Reward them for going potty outside and firmly tell them “no” when they go indoors from an early age. Be consistent and don’t lose your temper and they’ll get there in the end. You can even train a yorkie poo to use a litter box or puppy training pad.


For those who are looking to pamper their puppy and even have their pooch become as much of a style icon as they are, Yorkies are ideal. They’re also amazing for people who don’t want dog hair all over their clothes and furniture. This pretty dog doesn’t have an undercoat, and they have poker straight hair instead of fur. You’ll need to brush your doggie’s hair daily, even if their hair is trimmed. A weekly shampoo will keep their silky coat soft, and smelling fresh. Of course, super-busy pet owners can get this done at a dog grooming salon.

Every time they get wet, make sure you carefully dry their ears with a cotton swab. If you find any hair in the ear canal, gently pluck it out as it will irritate. Make sure you trim their nails after each bath; this way they’ll be nice and soft and easy to do. Brush their teeth regularly and pay special attention to making sure they never eat anything sweet. Start this grooming regimen when they’re a baby and treat them after each session — that way they’ll see it as an important part of life.


Depending on whether you have a tiny teacup yorkie or a slightly larger toy-size and their energy level, they’ll need ⅓ to ¾ of a cup of dry food daily, split into two meals. The higher quality the food you choose for your little one, the more nourished and happier they’ll be. Even if you’ve got a greedy pup, be sure not to overfeed them. Being overweight can cause these precious little yorkies a lot of trouble.

How Much Do Yorkie Puppies Cost? 

If you’re ready to get one of these beautiful pups, give our Marietta dog breeder team a call at 765-427-4803 to discuss pricing. Our friendly team will give you more information or book you for a meeting with our lovable Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale in GA.


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