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Few things are more exciting than welcoming a new addition to your home. Getting a puppy gives you the chance to form a bond unlike any other with your new pet, and you’ll share memories that last for a lifetime.

It’s a life-changing step to take, and there are plenty of considerations to ensure you get the best fit. Consider whether you have children, whether you have other animals in the home, the type of house you live in, how big your yard is, how active you are and how much time and energy you can dedicate to your new little one.

Just as every family is unique, each mini-miracle has its own individual personality. We can help you choose the perfect match for you and your loved ones.


    Male, 177 weeks old (11/16/18)
    Adult Weight 1 - 1 lbs.
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Puppies Finding Forever Homes

It’s our pleasure to welcome you! We’ve got an unrivaled selection of the happiest and sweetest puppies. Our loving team lives and breathes taking care of dogs, and we treat them as our own until they’re ready to find their ideal home.

We’re passionate about providing some of the most loving and adorable puppies for sale in CA. Not only will you be receiving a well-adjusted and cute furry friend, but they’ll also be in top condition, with a recent vet check, all vaccinations and worming treatment up to date.

All of our puppies are given names to match their charming personalities. Each one is special to us — none of our dogs are treated as products or given numbers. We give you the option of having them microchipped and treated with Frontline, and provide handy care package options and an unconditional replacement guarantee. If you’re looking to adopt a puppy, look no further.

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Important Information

Vaccinations, Leash Laws and Licensing

Leash laws in Indiana vary from county to county, with some stipulating that all dogs must be on a leash when outside of their home and others being more relaxed. Just be aware that if there is no leash law, you are liable for any damage caused by an unleashed dog.

Dog Parks

Dogs parks are an excellent place to socialize your furry friend and exchange stories and tips with other dog owners in the area. The state has plenty of these pooch paradises; some of them are public municipal parks, but there are also exclusive private parks where dog owners become members and pay a fee. Private dog parks might be a safer option because all the dogs are screened and rules are more stringently enforced. These parks are great for puppies that can follow basic commands to learn how to make doggie friends.

Fun Activities for People and Their Puppies

Indiana is truly a state full of dog lovers, and the weather in spring, fall and winter is ideal for getting active outdoors with your canine chum. Dogs are allowed on some of the beautiful local beaches. In southern Indiana, there are even sightseeing tours and historic dog walks you and your small dog can go on together.

Buying a puppy is a magical experience, and we can advise you on how to choose the perfect pet for your household. Call, text or email us today to get more information about how we can help you bring an adorable bundle of joy into your family.